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Theory of Psychological Reactance: When Procrastination wins.

That moment, when we have delayed something that is good for us and also we want to do, but for some reason we did not find the moment to do it. So, we can do it, we desire to do it, we actually want to do it but we haven´t finished the task yet. We can´t forget the uncompleted task, actually to think about it causes annoyance, so we start to wonder why is not already done? disturbing the performance of other tasks with which we are certainly committed. And it is a loop with no end. – Does this sound familiar to you?


A few days ago I had a very interesting conversation with a good friend and also professional. J.J is a young researcher who is writing his first paper in HR. He is working now in new techniques related with communication flows and motivation, learning how to help people  to «get things done».

We recorded our brainstorming and here´s the result:

J.J: Why do we choose to sabotage ourselves? Sigue leyendo

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