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Coming Home: Finding Inspiration in the Familiar

Café du Monde

It´s easy to take the things and beings in our lives for granted; sometimes we need a bit of distance, in order to glimpse how precious and how uniquely real they are.


It´s weird how humans desire to change their routines because they hate them, and even they don´t feel complete, the routine continues difficult to leave. – What´s next? And nobody knows the answer, or at least nobody bets 100% accurate for the right answer.

People who take risks bet, and that unknown % causes an imbalance in their bodies and minds. Ecstasy, a blast of dopamine in the chemical soup of the brain. Thunderstorms. During the process, amazing and unexpected things happen, – surprise, love, fear, bewilderment, passion, despair and one hundred more of emotions, packed into a single experience. The reason why people become nomad it is because they have developed a need and craving to new experiences. Each need obeys to an emotion. Sigue leyendo

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