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50 ideas para un mundo mejor

¿Han imaginado alguna vez un mundo mejor?


Si la respuesta es sí, entonces quizás no se aburra leyendo lo siguiente. Si la respuesta es no, por favor no siga, o se encontrará con una decepción tras otra.

Con una pregunta sencilla comenzó todo, y con una idea; la idea también es simple:
“Si yo tengo una manzana y tú tienes otra y las compartimos, ambos seguimos teniendo una manzana. Pero, si yo tengo una idea y tú tienes otra idea y las compartimos, entonces ambos tenemos dos ideas”. (No es mía, es de George Bernard).

Así comenzó una conferencia en Estrasburgo que dio lugar a una explosión de ideas, algunas de ellas recopiladas en este espacio. Sigue leyendo

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My brain craves images, and yours?

When I was a kid, I struggled in classroom each time we had to do a summary. I liked so much colors and shapes. I still remember THE ADVISE – If you continue painting each time that you want to memorize stuff; you will never learn how to write properly. – Now I am an adult, I use to write the content of books and I am saying in public that my brain craves images; Funny, – Isn´t it?

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Graphic Recording – Learning & DNA

After a few years and still in high school, another teacher banned the use of pencils and colorful markers in the classroom. I recently found packed in a box my old notebooks; it´s curious see all content in blue/black color, and “big schemes with drawings, arrows and shapes”, hidden to the human eye, in the last «dirty-page». Sigue leyendo

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Vocational Counseling Program

In contemporary society, workers are to be lifelong learners, be prepared to different changes and adapt to different circumstances and environments. Furthermore, in times of social change and uncertainly economy, a lot of people show difficulties and hopeless about their futures.

In social services, we are flooded with people who have lost their jobs, and also youngsters that “don´t know what to do” (they are not enrolled in any course, neither working). We are used to see more mental health troubles due to the economical situation and career issues. As unemployment goes up, the number of people seeking for support and psychological counseling increases. Sigue leyendo