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One of those Spanish Feminists…

Another week, another woman murdered

– It was only a smack on her face! Nothing happened – He told.
– What do you think about those men who beat women? – I asked.
– Are you insinuating that I am an abuser? – He asked back.
– No! I am only asking your opinion about aggressive behavior towards women…
– Oh! You are one of those Spanish feminists! – He sentenced.

We are emotional! We shout each other! We love each other in a way that you probably never have experienced in your life! – I am not a wife beater! I am here (therapy) only because it will allow me to return to my partner, the love of my life – he added. Sigue leyendo

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Oh dear… It´s all about perception!

First impressions:

I used to fight against stereotypes
Not only bigoted people use stereotypes
Believe it or not, we all have a biased view of this world
Do you recognize your biases?
A part of me winced; our camera has only ONE perspective!
We are so limited! How can we survive?
This article will be terribly boring…
It´s not about life, neither about stereotypes
It´s all about cognition

Are you still here? Sigue leyendo

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Poor thinkers surviving in the «Knowledge Era»

“Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. Many people of average intelligence are skilled thinkers. The power of the car is separate from the way the car is driven.” – Edward de Bono

“Dthinkingskills4SMear reader, I mean poor thinkers, not unintelligent or unable to be intelligent – I don´t believe in that.”

Currently, we live in the society of knowledge. Since the 60s, there have been changes in the industrial societies, affecting hugely our social and economic structure. The knowledge has been established as the main shaft, replacing labor, row materials and capital as the most important source of productivity and growth. The cost of the “society of knowledge” lies in the strong social inequality that has generated.

According to the OECD reports, Spanish students scored significantly below the average in math, science, reading and problem solving (comparing with other European countries). It seems that education in Spain is too much focused in the reproduction of content and not in the real application of learning contexts. Sigue leyendo

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«NEUROMANAGEMENT I: Una breve reflexión sobre el cerebro en el trabajo»


Nada más ver este título, muchos de mis conocidos me preguntarían… ¿Pretendes hacer un PET o una resonancia magnética funcional a los trabajadores para poder decidir si los contratarías o no? Mi respuesta, sería un NO. Obviamente me encantaría estudiar sus cerebros desde un punto de vista científico. Como apasionada del estudio de la conducta humana, no se me ocurriría mejor forma para conocer y dirigir a el»staff» de una empresa

-. Somos lo que nuestro cerebro es! Sigue leyendo