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My brain craves images, and yours?

When I was a kid, I struggled in classroom each time we had to do a summary. I liked so much colors and shapes. I still remember THE ADVISE – If you continue painting each time that you want to memorize stuff; you will never learn how to write properly. – Now I am an adult, I use to write the content of books and I am saying in public that my brain craves images; Funny, – Isn´t it?

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Graphic Recording – Learning & DNA

After a few years and still in high school, another teacher banned the use of pencils and colorful markers in the classroom. I recently found packed in a box my old notebooks; it´s curious see all content in blue/black color, and “big schemes with drawings, arrows and shapes”, hidden to the human eye, in the last «dirty-page». Sigue leyendo

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Painting with watercolors of education in Germany

25 th January 2015, Frankfurt am Main

From here, a wooden table located in front a high window surrounded with white frames, I started to think how necessary is to bring back the arts and music to the school. I am watching through the window five kids playing in the playground, while the snow is falling down slowly on the top of some random pieces of art. There is some graffiti in black, intentionally located there, which says: Give love back!

Unfortunately, I am not an artist; maybe an amateur in some disciplines as creative writing or painting. I am learning to control the creative process in writing activities (such poetry, stories…) but I do not with painting. The reason is simple; the inspiration comes and suddenly disappears. Sigue leyendo

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Behavioral researchers struggling with statistics

«For the usual highly motivated researcher the non confirmation of a cherished hypothesis is actively painful. As a biological and psychological animal, the experimenter is subject to laws of learning which lead him inevitably to associate this pain with the contiguous stimuli and events. These stimuli are apt to be experimental process itself, more vividly and directly than the «true» source of frustration, i.e…, the inadequate theory» (Campbell & Standley, 1966, p.3)

«If one´s dissertation p is <.05 it means joy. In one´s p is >.05 it means ruin, despair. God loves the .06 nearly as much as the .05″ (Rosenthal, 1994, p.224)

Welcome to the psychological science world!

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… Fue en clases de solfeo, “Ella” era tan solo una niña. Las notas musicales estallaban en su cabeza dejando el rastro de una perfecta melodía en los sentidos.  Vivía de tal manera las notas musicales que, incluso en el silencio más profundo antes de dormir podía evocar su ritmo y escucharlas en la más absoluta oscuridad. No tenía CDs ni cintas en su habitación, a veces sintonizaba la radio y escuchaba música clásica, se tumbaba encima de la cama mirando cómo la melodía se colaba por cada uno de los huecos de aquella pequeña habitación. No conocía ni a los músicos, ni probablemente distinguía la intervención de cada uno de los instrumentos pero podía captar la esencia, el entusiasmo y la pasión invertida en cada nota musical. Sigue leyendo