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From theories to practice: Alex, what does “1”mean ?

Many authors have paid attention to the etiology of dyscalculia (here I use dyscalculia or math disability as equivalent terms, even is not very purist). In this post, we  address some of the most famous theories in this field and how we can link them to the real practice.
Almost everybody agrees with the two most famous theories in this area, which are actually an amazing work in numerical cognition. These theories propose that number troubles come from a weakness in number sense or numerosity coding.


Mental Number Line


  1. The Theory of the Approximate Number System (ANS), and how we use it for representing large and approximate numbers via a mental number line (Dehaene, 2011).
    Is “8” big or small? – If we consider that a number lower than 5 is small.
    Is “6” big or small?
    Probably it´s much easier for a kid to say that 10 is a big number, due to the “mental line distribution”
  2. The Numerosity- Coding Hypothesis proposed by Butterworth (2010), which states that Math Disability is caused by a deficit in the processing of smaller and exact sets of numbers.
    These theories state that we all have a preverbal ability which contributes to the foundation for the Symbolic Number System that we use to learn mathematics.



Blue or Yellow? – In the easy task, the blue stars are much more salient but in the difficult task, a number of stars are quite similar, thus the RT increases.


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My brain craves images, and yours?

When I was a kid, I struggled in classroom each time we had to do a summary. I liked so much colors and shapes. I still remember THE ADVISE – If you continue painting each time that you want to memorize stuff; you will never learn how to write properly. – Now I am an adult, I use to write the content of books and I am saying in public that my brain craves images; Funny, – Isn´t it?

2015-12-02 20.32.21

Graphic Recording – Learning & DNA

After a few years and still in high school, another teacher banned the use of pencils and colorful markers in the classroom. I recently found packed in a box my old notebooks; it´s curious see all content in blue/black color, and “big schemes with drawings, arrows and shapes”, hidden to the human eye, in the last «dirty-page». Sigue leyendo

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Música & Memoria: ¿Recuerdas tu canción?


Pude ver en su rostro un ápice de Él, la esencia de su personalidad se presentaba ante los dos inestable, agotada a la vez que dolida. Esta vez, sus ojos azules no yacían en alguna esquina perdidos, con esa ausencia de mirada tan sombría e insoportable para ambos. Aumenté el volumen del tocadiscos y me senté a su lado, percibí cómo los hoyuelos de la cara se marcaban en su tez envejecida por el paso de los años, dejando lugar a aquella maravillosa sonrisa, una sonrisa que nos permitía viajar en el tiempo y ser nosotros mimos. Enseguida buscó mi rostro con las manos, alegrándose al verme como si viniese de un largo viaje. La sombría enfermedad, aquella que lo había mantenido en el exilio, nos dejaba unos minutos para despedirnos y reencontrarnos antes de la llegada del último invierno, mientras el viejo tocadiscos agotaba las últimas notas de su canción preferida.

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