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Let´s talk about failure: Your Ego must try “Humble Pie”

Rejection is just part of the landscape for all beginning artists. Some think that there are just some pre-ordained Golden Children who get everything, and that’s really not the case – Monica Byrne


Nowadays we are being bombarded with success stories and triumph. – Don´t get me wrong, I am not saying that is something bad, it is just unreal. Somehow it is a fantasy, a play, a sweet cupcake that feeds our Ego. The problem came when we started to feed our Ego with prodigious amounts of sugar, losing slowly the awareness of reality. Linkedin, Facebook and all social media provides to our Ego a good tool to get more calories. Taking in account that most of the emotional problems are based on irrational thinking and wrong “beliefs” about how the world works. – What are we doing?

Photo: Street Art. NYC (2015). Kevin. S

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