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Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals: Serbian, English, Spanish & Italian

I met Lena two years ago in Tetovo, Macedonia (Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia); we spent 10 days together collaborating in “a fascinating project”. – Lena speaks perfectly four languages! Serbian, English, Spanish and Italian…


Macedonia- 2014

I remember her as a very good communicator, highly respected and trusted and with an extraordinary ability to build relationships. I was fascinated with her ability to speak Spanish; of course, she is bilingual in Serbian and English. I couldn´t believe during those 10 days that she´d taught herself Spanish (and today I discovered that she also speaks Italian). Speechless!

I enjoyed a lot reading Lena´s opinion; I found the perfect “polyglot example”. She told me once “you have to listen to a language as music

Today, she mentioned stories, drawings, songs, lyrics, her teacher´s personality, the constructive part of learning as a tool to rediscover oneself and how ditching perfectionism helps on the process.

It was inspiring to read her messages… giving feedback about what she understood, participating, asking questions for clarification and always listening what others want to say or express; I´m bringing back memories – Tetovo!

Each time my inbox gets these reminders; I am flooded with nice memories. It´s very exciting to see how people that one day you met, and with who you spent valuable time are doing great things with their lives. It doesn´t matter how many years have passed by, projects create and an amazing connection between people which is difficult to explain through words.

So, here´s Lena and how she learned four languages … Sigue leyendo

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La dedicatoria que nunca olvidarás…

Han pasado muchos días desde la última vez que escribí en «Un rincón para mi Diván«, sin embargo paradójicamente nunca he permanecido tanto tiempo acostada en mi propio diván. Durante este tiempo, pude compartir muchas ideas y proyectos con personas de otros países y diferentes «backgrounds» en una pequeña localidad llamada Tetovo, situada en Macedonia, cerca de Kosovo y Albania.  Este proyecto me alejó levemente de la realidad cotidiana, convirtiendo así mis vacaciones en uno de los periodos más productivos de lo que va de año. He vuelto a mi rincón, con un cuaderno repleto de ideas, planes, libros pendientes para leer, material que escribir y componer así como un sin fin de preguntas para las que desearía algún día hallar respuesta.large

Como en todos mis viajes, el monumento más valioso que he podido descubrir tiene esa luz y esa calidez tan única del ser humano. Esa esencia tan especial que probablemente nunca logremos olvidar. Sigue leyendo