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15 frases que explican 6 meses/ 15 sentences that explain 6 months!

Practicando el arte de volver

I have been out of blogging for 6 months and I wanted to choose 15 sentences (or learning experiences) that summarize a bit a few months of intense projects abroad, attending people, developing projects and also meeting amazing people and learning about LIFE. I hope you like it!

He estado 6 meses alejada del teclado “del blog”, por eso he querido seleccionar 15 frases – o 15 lecciones de aprendizaje, que resumen unos cuantos meses, de proyectos en el extranjero relacionados con derechos humanos, atender personas, conocer gente fantástica y aprender sobre la vida. Espero que os resulte de interés!

#humanrights #psychology #trauma #refugees #education #violence #activism 

  1. NEGACIÓN/DENIAL. No ves que no ves! Por eso estamos aquí, para probar unas gafas graduadas de amor propio! _ You can´t see that you do not see! That’s why we’re here, to try some graduated glasses of self-love!


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To all Recruiters & Managers

[Free thoughts and 15 minutes break at office]

Lots of companies ask “up to 5 minutes video clips” to their candidates, showing their creativity and uniqueness; then the video “must be uploaded to YouTube”. Also short, innovative and awesome essays “up to x words” and of course resume, good grades, languages, a smiley face, and don´t forget the “Aptitude & Attitudes Lot” (to be… efficient-excellent-a good leader-patient-resilient- a cheerleader and so on?). The pressure of time and deadlines are always there; then if they are lucky they get into the next phase – the terrifying interview.

I am conscious of how hard developing a career is and how terrible the labor market is, but really… Are these recruiting processes human and fair? Sigue leyendo

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From Literature to Life/ De la Literatura a la Vida

“El lenguaje es una herramienta para pensar, imaginar y acabar siendo. Las experiencias personales, la cultura y las reglas bajo las cuales dictamos nuestro comportamiento son para el lenguaje alas; alas para volar en un mundo propio dónde transcurre nuestra existencia. Eso todo en conjunto eres TÚ”.

“The language is a tool for thinking, imagining and ends up in being. Personal experiences culture and rules that dictate our behavior are wings for the language. Wings for flying in an own world where our existence elapses; All together shapes who you/we are”

Language & High-Quality-Thinking Sigue leyendo

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Bangladesh – Niñas Sin Edad

Dacar, Enero del 2016

  • Dime… ¿Cómo es un día en una escuela en Bangladesh?
  • Es difícil describir un sólo día en Bangladesh, porque hay tantos estímulos para los sentidos… ¿te refieres a las niñas en Bangladesh? ¿Quieres hablar sobre los derechos de las niñas?
  • Quiero conocer la historia de esos niños…
  • ¿Podrías escribir sobre esto?


Las niñas de Bangladesh han perdido su edad,
se ha desvanecido por el camino
entre sus deberes, sus carencias, sus miedos
se ha desvanecido ante sus pies
ante sus ojos… pero sobre todo ante sus manos Sigue leyendo

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Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals: Serbian, English, Spanish & Italian

I met Lena two years ago in Tetovo, Macedonia (Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia); we spent 10 days together collaborating in “a fascinating project”. – Lena speaks perfectly four languages! Serbian, English, Spanish and Italian…


Macedonia- 2014

I remember her as a very good communicator, highly respected and trusted and with an extraordinary ability to build relationships. I was fascinated with her ability to speak Spanish; of course, she is bilingual in Serbian and English. I couldn´t believe during those 10 days that she´d taught herself Spanish (and today I discovered that she also speaks Italian). Speechless!

I enjoyed a lot reading Lena´s opinion; I found the perfect “polyglot example”. She told me once “you have to listen to a language as music

Today, she mentioned stories, drawings, songs, lyrics, her teacher´s personality, the constructive part of learning as a tool to rediscover oneself and how ditching perfectionism helps on the process.

It was inspiring to read her messages… giving feedback about what she understood, participating, asking questions for clarification and always listening what others want to say or express; I´m bringing back memories – Tetovo!

Each time my inbox gets these reminders; I am flooded with nice memories. It´s very exciting to see how people that one day you met, and with who you spent valuable time are doing great things with their lives. It doesn´t matter how many years have passed by, projects create and an amazing connection between people which is difficult to explain through words.

So, here´s Lena and how she learned four languages … Sigue leyendo

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Cognitive Processing in Bilinguals: Mi experiencia

If you read, you will find out two things at first sight, especially if English is your mother tongue. First, you will notice that I am an adult, probably a woman (due to my expression) and then, you will realize that English is not my first language. So, it´s true! – A few months ago, I started to study myself; the way how I process an opaque language (English) and how it affects to the way I process and learn information in this language and others.

Bilingualism: Is Galician Language reigning in my brain?


“Las Mariscadoras” de Luis Seoane (Buenos Aires)

Due to the geographical situation of my Home Town, between two countries and where two official languages are recognized, I am bilingual and I´ve been instructed in a 50%- 50% balance.

Nevertheless, I suppose that this condition is almost impossible, it seems like one language needs to be the “queen”.

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