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Edu+Psych+Lab” nace fruto de la unión de tres de mis pasiones: la educación, la psicología y el interés científico. Fusionando estas tres disciplinas siempre surgen multitud de temas apasionantes, relacionados con el comportamiento humano y la vida.

Soy relativamente joven, aunque cada día esto es más relativo, y mis dedos muestran la dureza de alguien a quien le ha apasionado escribir desde muy niña. No he podido resistirme a dejarlo plasmado en algún lugar, quizás y ojalá en diferentes lugares. Se encontrarán con textos en español y en inglés o incluso en algún idioma más, la explicación es simple: pertenezco a la generación de los nómadas transeúntes del conocimiento. Esto es, que mi maleta ha rodado por casi todos los continentes y mis sentidos han estado tan expuestos al mundo que jamás sucumbirán a lo estático.

La cooperación internacional y los proyectos educativos han transformado mi vida, y en ellos me he tropezado con seres humanos que me han enseñado lecciones valiosísimas. Soy psicóloga de profesión y me he dedicado los últimos años a la orientación educativa y el trabajo en servicios sociales (… justo ahora en el Centro de la Mujer). Actualmente desarrollo mi tesis doctoral en la UNV sobre cognición numérica, procesos cognitivos PASS y aprendizaje. 

Este blog ha surgido de la necesidad de crear, ayudar y compartir. Siéntanse libres a la hora de opinar o expresarse.

Gracias… gracias por llegar hasta aquí y quedarte este tiempo.                                                                             



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«Edu + Psych + Lab» is born from the union of three of my passions: education, psychology and science. When we blend these three disciplines we always come up with a multitude and exciting topics related to human behavior and life.

I am relatively young, although every day this is more relative, and my fingers show the hardness of someone who has been passionate about writing since very young. I could not resist and I had to share it in this place, perhaps and hopefully in different places. You will find texts in Spanish and English or even in some other language, the explanation is simple: I belong to the generation of passersby and nomads of knowledge [I know this is a very literal translation]. This is, my suitcase has rolled across almost every continent and my senses have been so exposed to the world that they will never succumb to the static.

International cooperation and educational projects have transformed my life, and in them I have met human beings who have taught me valuable lessons. I am a psychologist by profession and I have dedicated the last years to educational consultancy and work in social services(… right now I work at Women´s Institute). I am currently developing my doctoral thesis at the UNV on numerical cognition, PASS cognitive processes and learning.

This blog has emerged from the need to create, help and share. Feel free to comment or express yourself.

Thank you … thank you for coming here and spend your time reading my words!

See you around

Lorena Álvarez

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21 pensamientos en “KNOW MORE…

  1. Soy arquitecto pero me encantan estos temas sobre la psicologia 🙂 …tambien la literatura como a ti.

    Gracias por tu mensaje en mi buzon, te respondo aquí porque no puedo contestarte desde alli… si queires contactar conmigo lo mejor es usar mi mail o tambien puedes encontrarme por facebook.

    «habilidad emocional» 🙂 y ahi estoy.

  2. Querida Lorena, eres una GRAN profesional de la psicología, entregada y comprometida con las personas. Me alegra poder reencontrarme contigo en este espacio. Quizás tu no me recuerdes, pero nosotros no te olvidaremos. Un saludo afectuoso.

  3. Escribís muy lindo. Yo también soy psicoterapeuta en Buenos Aires y me resulta muy grato leerte. Tienes una perspectiva más biologicista que la mía, mucho más cognitiva mientras que yo me dedico puramente al psicoanálisis, llevo como veinte años trabajando en psicología. Veo que estás muy preparada e informada, que viajas mucho y eso te permite ver muchos casos diferentes y que te mantienes constante investigando y tratando de averiguar más sobre la psique humana. Te enviaré a tu inbox mi contacto. Un saludo desde Argentina. Esther.

    • Muchas gracias por sus palabras Esther. Es un orgullo y un placer para mí saber que el blog y de lo que aquí se escribe resulta de interés o de ayuda a las personas 🙂 Veinte años de experiencia como psicoterapeuta, es toda una vida entregada a la psicología. Estaré muy pendiente de sus publicaciones. Un saludo desde España.

  4. Since I’ve first meet Lorena, I saw in her a beautiful person, open-minded, sociable and earning to learn more about other cultures and make new friends. We were waiting for the bus in Denmark, a little bit tired from our journey, but very happy that we were going to be part of the project called “Communication and Language Course” in Slettestrand.
    I’d loved to work with Lorena, because she was always very implied in the teamwork, ready to listen on others opinion, passionate, she used to give many creative ideas and come with a different perspective, trying to improve the formal tips so that everything will be so much more easier and productive for all of us.
    It so hard to find nowadays a person who can meet all the issues required for a successful carrer and also one you’d love to spend a lifetime with as a friend, simply because her attitude towards life and people is one that really makes a difference: empathic, very proper for a psychology career and not only, enthusiastic, hard-working, but also joyful in the free time, a deep heart and a strong desire of personal development, good planning and goals for the future and most of all a high level of emotional intelligence.
    Once that you meet Lorena, you will feel like the world is really much more better and kind, and you will find new ways to communicate and cooperate with her. She is the kind of person who will never let you down and there will always be an open road for you as long as you’re a respectful and serious person in everything you do. One of the things that I’ve been appreciated in her strong character is the wish of perfection and determination.
    ~ Dragonici Dana Teodora, Research Assistant, Romania ( D’Thea) ~

    • Dear Dana:

      First of all, thank you for your comments, they brought the happiness to my desk this morning 🙂 It was my pleasure to work with you (and our awesome team) in Denmark. It results really encouraging to share knowledge, ideals, values and projects with people true motivated and passionate with whatever they do. You are this kind of person. Bringing to the teamwork the best attitude, creativity, analytical skills, brainstorming and of course your personality. It is really easy to work with you, and of course I learnt a lot during these days, not only as trainer but as person.

      You have a brilliant career ahead. I really hope to have the opportunity to work with you some day. Thank you for «make a difference» and your unconditional support . All the best.

  5. Thank you for visiting my eccentric and eclectic blog. The blog piece you visited highlighted the different cultural attitudes towards children in Portugal and England. Here we have become obsessed with «protecting children» rather than encouraging them to make their way in the world, and this involves taking personal responsibility, risk taking and being adventurous. It was wonderful on my last visit to Lisbon to see young children playing freely in the park………..we could learn a lot in the UK from your good country.

    • Thank you for visit my blog. First thing, I really liked your articles, I found interesting many topics, and it´s good to see different points of view. About the excessive protection regarding kids, it´s actually true. Last week I was in Oporto and I saw many kids playing football and running on the street full of joy, meanwhile their moms watched them from the window. In Spain, this happened in the past, but now we are becoming more obsessed with excessive protection, avoiding activities such go to the forest and run, collect mushrooms and raspberries (because it can be dangerous) or climb the rocks! «Supervised freedom» during the early years is not bad at all, in order to develop more confidence with themselves and explore their capabilities. Protection is good, of course, but we are closing up the children in houses, we foster this passion for devices instead communication and team building with their equals. Other thing that I am observing lately it´s this passion about «fashion» related with children, «stylish kids» – this modern social media obsession. It’s sad. We should to be worried about how to help children to learn, letting them being independent (even different) and creative thinkers. Falling down is unavoidable, the most important part is to teach them «how to get up». Thanks for give your opinion. Regards from Spain. 🙂

  6. I think I may have got your nationality wrong, which I think is Spanish not Portuguese, if so please accept my apologies.

  7. Ah, Galicia, the home of the wonderful Albariño wine………you are a very lucky person.

  8. GRACIAS LORENA por todo lo que has hecho por nosotros. Nos encanta leerte. Siempre estarás presente en nuestra familia. Un saludo.

  9. Dear Álvares:
    I feel proud to say I’ve met you. I really hope you start to work with children, they need people like you. John & Chris

  10. Hola, mi nombre es David, por casualidad dí con tu Blog (yo no escribo nada pero me gusta leer). Me he estado preguntando, y no quiero ser demasiado indiscreto cuál es tu nacionalidad, dónde has nacido. Tienes cosas interesantes en la página, me entretengo los domingos por la tarde. Un saludo cordial. David

  11. GRACIAS Lorena por atendernos con tanto cariño. Sobre todo a mi mujer y a mis hijos. Te deseamos muchos éxitos, no solo en tu trabajo, también en tu vida personal. Eres una bella persona.


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