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Neuroeconomía y el arte de decidir

Suena complejo eso de la Neuroeconomía, sin embargo quizás pueda reducirse simplemente a analizar el por qué nos comportamos de cierta manera o tomamos algunas decisiones. Al final, la vida es eso, un puñado de buenas y malas decisiones. Hay un puente que no es fácil de distinguir entre la matemática y la psicología, en esa dirección también está la economía y todo ello en conjunto empuja a la política y a las sociedades.

Es demasiado complejo tratar de comprender qué ocurre en el cerebro cuando apostamos o decidimos, y sobre todo por qué algunas personas son tan patosas en el proceso, y sin embargo otras suelen acertar más o menos en el blanco.

En mi caso, nunca quise estudiar matemáticas, e incluso me resulta aburrido buscar los símbolos matemáticos en el teclado. Yo no sé de matemáticas, pero comencé a investigar sobre la cognición numérica y había algo en ella que me apasionaba. Tampoco nunca quise estudiar los mercados, ni formar parte del mundo corporativo, sin embargo tras descubrir el poder del comportamiento de masas y elección de compra y adquisición que mostramos los humanos y el impacto que todo ello genera en la sociedad, la curiosidad se apoderó de mí. Sigue leyendo

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To all Recruiters & Managers

[Free thoughts and 15 minutes break at office]

Lots of companies ask “up to 5 minutes video clips” to their candidates, showing their creativity and uniqueness; then the video “must be uploaded to YouTube”. Also short, innovative and awesome essays “up to x words” and of course resume, good grades, languages, a smiley face, and don´t forget the “Aptitude & Attitudes Lot” (to be… efficient-excellent-a good leader-patient-resilient- a cheerleader and so on?). The pressure of time and deadlines are always there; then if they are lucky they get into the next phase – the terrifying interview.

I am conscious of how hard developing a career is and how terrible the labor market is, but really… Are these recruiting processes human and fair? Sigue leyendo

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Creative Thinking, Innovation and “that” MindSet

Visnes, Rogaland (Norway)

Psychology, Education & Business

– Are you talking about cognitive processes or business?
– What do you mean?
What´s inside their minds when they try to innovate?
– How many years have you been abroad?
Twelve days! (but in Visnes…)
– Do you want to talk about inventions? I wasn´t looking to that direction…
Yes, because we should look where nobody is looking to see what others aren´t seeing! – Right?
– Are you talking about education or economical growth?
I´m talking about unlocking creative potential in people´s minds!
– Do you mean regard this process as other cognitive processes?
I mean, how would be if we train, develop and improve the mindset and skills behind innovation from a very early age at schools or … later on in life.
– How do you pretend link “all this” with number cognition and planning skills?

– We have proved, and we actually have evidence that number cognition is linked with the executive brain, which involves higher order tasks such as reasoning and decision making… We send information from the frontal lobes to the back of the brain all time, involving “higher-and-lower-level-processing” and so through this interaction, we represent the world and we transform things in something new; imagination.

Companies are like brains!

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Vocational Counseling Program

In contemporary society, workers are to be lifelong learners, be prepared to different changes and adapt to different circumstances and environments. Furthermore, in times of social change and uncertainly economy, a lot of people show difficulties and hopeless about their futures.

In social services, we are flooded with people who have lost their jobs, and also youngsters that “don´t know what to do” (they are not enrolled in any course, neither working). We are used to see more mental health troubles due to the economical situation and career issues. As unemployment goes up, the number of people seeking for support and psychological counseling increases. Sigue leyendo

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Learning in Poland: Multicultural Education

Benefits of learning and working in a multicultural environment

Poland/ October 2015

There are many nationalities here, and various ethnicities, different languages and ideologies. When one learns in a multicultural environment, our train of thought is broadened than usual. We are exposed to a rich variety of values and cultures, absorbing all those different tendencies and being able to apply them to any situation in our lives. These interpersonal skills are “a key” to succeed in a today´s modern multicultural society. Sigue leyendo

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Turning passions into careers

Workshopping a Green-Day

Beans and the Holy Matter

It can result a bit childish spend time thinking how turning our great passions in exciting careers… but, did you experience how boring is that easy job? – I don´t agree with Confucius that time, when he wrote … chose a job that you like and you will never have to work again. – No, sorry… “You will never have to work a day in your life”. Pretty too much; this is a good moment to take your books, brushes, stovepipe hats, masks, drills, scalpels, guitars or whatever you need… and practice, practice, practice… – Do you want to be a good professional? Sigue leyendo

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Let´s talk about failure: Your Ego must try “Humble Pie”

Rejection is just part of the landscape for all beginning artists. Some think that there are just some pre-ordained Golden Children who get everything, and that’s really not the case – Monica Byrne


Nowadays we are being bombarded with success stories and triumph. – Don´t get me wrong, I am not saying that is something bad, it is just unreal. Somehow it is a fantasy, a play, a sweet cupcake that feeds our Ego. The problem came when we started to feed our Ego with prodigious amounts of sugar, losing slowly the awareness of reality. Linkedin, Facebook and all social media provides to our Ego a good tool to get more calories. Taking in account that most of the emotional problems are based on irrational thinking and wrong “beliefs” about how the world works. – What are we doing?

Photo: Street Art. NYC (2015). Kevin. S

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