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The Insignificant Gift

It´s a hard world for little things. Davis Grubb

That´s true. But…

With no water, would exist the ocean? with no step, would exist a stair? with no dust, would exist a star? with no little things, would exist great things? 

Merry Christmas! / Feliz Navidad! Sigue leyendo


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Using Graphic Facilitation: A Short Story

  • This post is a try to show you (and convince myself) that psychologists are not such boring. We also do some creative stuff (sometimes).

I started getting interested about Graphic Facilitation two years ago, in non formal education contexts. Maybe because I am definitely an “art lover”, I found in art a tool for therapy. I bought some books related with “art therapy practice” and also I gathered a few articles (scientific articles about creativity and brain – cognitive science), in United Kingdom. This beautiful country recognizes Art Therapy as specialization (British Association of Art Therapists), but unfortunately this is not happening in other countries in Europe (like in Spain). Sigue leyendo

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I know, there´s a Romanche Touch here: 365 days in English

The national prominence

Well, if you define yourself as an amateur writer, you likely cannot understand why I am NOT using my native language. We know the beginner´s fears – Would you just read over my stuff and tell me if… I should make a small bonfire or just keep writing? Of course, we compare our writing with the best; we never think that all these “great works” have been rewritten and polished many times. Being in the early twenties, we all dreamed with that work which would catapult us to national prominence. But seriously, I am Spanish – Why expose myself to this macabre idea about writing in English? Everything happens for a reason [The Cliché]. Sigue leyendo

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Oh dear… It´s all about perception!

First impressions:

I used to fight against stereotypes
Not only bigoted people use stereotypes
Believe it or not, we all have a biased view of this world
Do you recognize your biases?
A part of me winced; our camera has only ONE perspective!
We are so limited! How can we survive?
This article will be terribly boring…
It´s not about life, neither about stereotypes
It´s all about cognition

Are you still here? Sigue leyendo

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Coming Home: Finding Inspiration in the Familiar

Café du Monde

It´s easy to take the things and beings in our lives for granted; sometimes we need a bit of distance, in order to glimpse how precious and how uniquely real they are.


It´s weird how humans desire to change their routines because they hate them, and even they don´t feel complete, the routine continues difficult to leave. – What´s next? And nobody knows the answer, or at least nobody bets 100% accurate for the right answer.

People who take risks bet, and that unknown % causes an imbalance in their bodies and minds. Ecstasy, a blast of dopamine in the chemical soup of the brain. Thunderstorms. During the process, amazing and unexpected things happen, – surprise, love, fear, bewilderment, passion, despair and one hundred more of emotions, packed into a single experience. The reason why people become nomad it is because they have developed a need and craving to new experiences. Each need obeys to an emotion. Sigue leyendo

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My life as a narrative

“My life as a narrative” was born during a rainy day, in North Island, in old Europe. I know that North Island or “Te Ika-a-Māui” is one of the main islands of New Zealand. I apologize for the geographical mistake but being a child I baptized the island as “Isla del Norte”, and as you well know, bad habits are hard to annihilate.


Photo: My North Island. A wonderful place. (2015)

After a few weeks I noticed (thanks Google for that) that a psychologist wrote about this topic during the 80s – Bruner J.S. The book – Actual minds, Possible Worlds (Harvard University Press) became a best seller and an influential theory at the epoch. The book was born one year before I was; being published the same day I came to this world. Sigue leyendo

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A bridge between Poetry and Education


@Unicef-Educational Project

Learning through poetry… is it possible?

Poetry is not only poetry. Poetry promotes literacy, emotional resilience and builds community. The words we use in poetry can destroy giant walls. It can cross the boundary of our fears, untie knots, find whatever has been lost, even ourselves. Sigue leyendo