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To all Recruiters & Managers

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[Free thoughts and 15 minutes break at office]

Lots of companies ask “up to 5 minutes video clips” to their candidates, showing their creativity and uniqueness; then the video “must be uploaded to YouTube”. Also short, innovative and awesome essays “up to x words” and of course resume, good grades, languages, a smiley face, and don´t forget the “Aptitude & Attitudes Lot” (to be… efficient-excellent-a good leader-patient-resilient- a cheerleader and so on?). The pressure of time and deadlines are always there; then if they are lucky they get into the next phase – the terrifying interview.

I am conscious of how hard developing a career is and how terrible the labor market is, but really… Are these recruiting processes human and fair?
I thought it was about finding and explore talent not creating such hostile workplace that young professionals prefer to stay at home than challenge themselves. They are over criticized every day but nobody asked them how they feel each time they are rated, assessed and taxed and not (never ever) filling/satisfying the profile. They over learn their imperfections, their inferiority, and incapability every time they look ahead or just give it a try.

Every time they experience these situations their dreams seem more and more distant in space and time, unachievable. I always say that they are forgotten in an island, their dreams went in a boat and us, the society, in general, are in charge of adding the infinite water between them. After a time these youngsters forget about the day or the point in their lives when there was a boat full of dreams and hope, lives led with purpose.
Recruiters, doctors, teachers, organizational psychologists, managers have power on this, how they choose to act, to make decisions, to integrate people inside organizations and groups and how to give opportunities and communicate just the opposite.

We need back humans inside organizations, and then we could talk about productivity, excellence and efficiency.

I have interviewed more than 40 people in June. I could not offer an opportunity to all of them because the reality of my work belongs to a labor market still harmed by the economical crisis in Spain… but at least I can say that they would be back if they had the opportunity, and I would love to have them back and talk with them again and again. As a psychologist, this feeling matters and gives sense to my work.

My petition is… be nice to them, give them a chance, listen to them carefully, their aspirations, dreams, purposes, talents and never let them go without a positive reinforcement about what they have done or they presence.

Thank you


Autor: Lorena Álvarez

Licenciada en psicología por la universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Me especialicé con estudios de máster en psicología clínica y también organizacional. He trabajado siempre en campos relacionados con la psicología, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Mi especialidad es la psicología cognitiva, aplicada a contextos de educación y aprendizaje, área en la que continúo formándome. Actualmente trabajo como orientadora y colaboro en diferentes proyectos de desarrollo a nivel internacional. Mis aficiones son la escritura y arte, he colaborado en algunos proyectos de producción literaria así como artística. También me apasiona la ciencia, filosofía y la antropología. Mi pasión es el conocimiento de la conducta humana, viajar y descubrir nuevas culturas y formas de vida me ha permitido comprender la diversidad y los entresijos de la existencia. Me encanta trabajar con y para las personas, y eso es lo que mantiene motivada y entregada a las pequeñas cosas a las que dedico mi tiempo cada día.


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