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Turning passions into careers

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Workshopping a Green-Day

Beans and the Holy Matter

It can result a bit childish spend time thinking how turning our great passions in exciting careers… but, did you experience how boring is that easy job? – I don´t agree with Confucius that time, when he wrote … chose a job that you like and you will never have to work again. – No, sorry… “You will never have to work a day in your life”. Pretty too much; this is a good moment to take your books, brushes, stovepipe hats, masks, drills, scalpels, guitars or whatever you need… and practice, practice, practice… – Do you want to be a good professional?

So, practice. I just rbean-jam-jarealized that “talents” are pretty cool – almost a holy matter, however the only things that can maturate by themselves with any effort, can be vulgarly summarized in two: the beans that everyone used to grow in cotton balls and our beautiful wrinkles.  Of course, both are sensational things under the sun. [Confucius was sensational too].

Maybe you were a “golden kid” [and you still are] with such extraordinary vision for science, art or sport. Okay, but anybody will come to you with grown beans [if happens, be sure there´s a prize to pay for]. So, do it yourself and meanwhile experience how beautiful is to love your cute wrinkles – or smile´s trails, because some careers take a time. That´s it, you cannot start a 20 years race with “2 years jogging with a little sweat” expectations. Of course, you are good, talented and important, but remember than even beans need a time to grow up. [And probably you´ll sweat sometimes, actually it´s healthy].

Right now I don´t know if you see the “main picture” of this question, but your talent turned into an ordinary bean, that must grow up as long you provide sun (the scenario), water (effort), cotton wool (the holy matter), and a see-through [jam] jar (yourself).

Also It´s important to look at the bean and its growth, don´t forget where you’ve invested your talents, where the beans are growing up and to dedicate a little time everyday to check if they are right, to wish they are right, care about them – this energy that goes unnoticed is what I call PASSION.

The sun doesn´t like my bean: check the scenario

Sometimes it looks like the sun totally dislikes our bean. This oddity of Mister Sunshine happens. Before jump to a life full of passions, we should to be sure that the scenario we have chosen is right – and to be sure that the sun will work for us.

WRONG! – It´s impossible to be 100% sure about external circumstances. Storms, wind and rainy days will come, shaking up our unstable balance.

As soon as we understand the “No pain- No gain” prophecy, faster we´ll put into motion our brains, strategies, plans and creativity. Passions and creativity require courage and courage implies to face storms, after get totally wet of tries. Take an umbrella of courage for the trip.


Once you have identified your passion points, it´s clever to analyze “how” you´ll put then on practice – because of course there is a pinch of technique on everything.

Explore which qualities will help to succeed, find a partner in crime who dares to critic your work, a brave one. Learn how to take criticism without taking it personally, don´t feel discouraged – Do you know how to separate your self worth from the object of the criticism? So learn. You´ll have always a room to improve, a place where hone your craft. Simply enroll on everything that implies learning and brushing on your skills. Because at this moment, your raw talents are turning into cooked skills, and you are starting to look like a young professional – remember writers, actors, dancers and storytellers are also skilled professionals. Professionalism cannot be found in blazers´ pockets, wrapped up in expensive handkerchiefs. Professionalism is on people´s minds.

If the Sun is not doing its part yet, sit down with Mister Sunshine and have an intimate talk – May you change the place. Ask yourself – Should my bean stay in other window? So, move there; never tell yourself that you are stuck. Brainstorm. Fly if needed. The Jam Jar is ready to sail other seas, to discover other sunsets.

Too much water for a little bean

Misconceptions regarding how rich I deserve to be in this life of mine happen every second. Go to your browser and get clicking for a while, you don´t need a lot of time [go to BoredPanda]. Did you realize how many talented people are breathing in this world? – Yes, WOW! – Such “Sweet-Tasty Jam Jars” are over there, competing and building more business and being so awesome. It´s getting fierce, so as we are not frightened people, on no account, we realize that now it´s the best moment to do a commitment with ourselves – launch an expedition and discover what is out there! Join organizations, do travels, seminaries, learn languages, skydiving or eat whatever these people eat to become so damn good. Drink the magic potion and fall in love with others ´ work. Maybe have a love affair with other´s beans – share.

Coming back to the beans. You still have your holy matter fermenting inside; also some beads of sweat, but now you want your small bean turns into a breadwinner. Probably your Jam Jar [1] will need a brand identity, think carefully how you want to introduce yourself, know beforehand the image you want to convey, and how your bean could stand out among the crowd. Network like crazy. Ask an expert.


I don´t know if you know, but your aren´t the only one embarking on this journey, so keep around people who are cracking their beans, and just run away from the people who try to cloud you with negativity. Remember we need Mister Sunshine.

Take whatever makes you uncommon and different and turn that into a fascinating STORY and share it with everybody you can. If you are learning on the go, share what you are discovering on the way, attract opportunities and beautiful experiences to tell aloud… give yourself a chance.

Let it bloom!

Thanks for reading

[1] You are totally right, to define people as a “Jam Jar” is not by chance. A Jar can be transparent, shiny and even it can be broken and shattered, tends extraordinary to remain strong. Jam… jam is sweet. Everybody loves marmalade. – The party of the symbolism!

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9 pensamientos en “Turning passions into careers

  1. BEANS!

    Cool stuff.

  2. Muy interesante tu blog… Una pena que no escribas en castellano, un idioma con tanta riqueza y en la actualidad igual de universal que el inglés. One huggy from Argentine sudamerican Maradona and Borges! Bueno gracias por compartirlo y espero no te enojes por mi comentario

    • Hola Federico! GRACIAS a tí por el comentario. «Casi» siempre escribo en castellano, en mi día a día. Escribo en inglés por aprendizaje, pero sí estoy de acuerdo con que nuestro idioma es bello y que tiene una gran riqueza. Un saludo desde España.

  3. I really enjoyed the relations between the jar and the person. Nice work n.n

  4. Hey I love the analogy of the potential and struggle to grow in a person to that of a bean 🙂 the world is moving forward so fast now it is easy to forget that fruition takes time, patience, and hard work. I like how you take the time to reflect and write down your process oåf learning 😀 keep up the good work!

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