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Coming Home: Finding Inspiration in the Familiar

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Café du Monde

It´s easy to take the things and beings in our lives for granted; sometimes we need a bit of distance, in order to glimpse how precious and how uniquely real they are.


It´s weird how humans desire to change their routines because they hate them, and even they don´t feel complete, the routine continues difficult to leave. – What´s next? And nobody knows the answer, or at least nobody bets 100% accurate for the right answer.

People who take risks bet, and that unknown % causes an imbalance in their bodies and minds. Ecstasy, a blast of dopamine in the chemical soup of the brain. Thunderstorms. During the process, amazing and unexpected things happen, – surprise, love, fear, bewilderment, passion, despair and one hundred more of emotions, packed into a single experience. The reason why people become nomad it is because they have developed a need and craving to new experiences. Each need obeys to an emotion.

I suspect that human beings can get used and bored even to the undying beauty of Expansion (by Paige Bradley). Expansion is a woman´s name of a piece cast in bronze, a body from where a light creeps out of the cracks inviting you to something blissful.
This moment, drags me down to four years ago, when I bet to some stranger that I could admire all my entire life to Expansion at St. James´s Park, in the heart of ceremonial London.

– I lost; Expansion turned out to be a nomad.

The essence is that beauty perceived as we do, can´t last forever in our minds. We evolve – the development of our mind and brain shapes our lives and perceptions, affecting how we see ourselves and also the others. Consequently, it´s easy to take the things and beings in our lives for granted. We throw down the gauntlet to the logic, risking the most worthwhile part of our existence – unintentionally.

– When did you discover something new for last time? Somebody will likely to find his thoughts running along these lines.

[Hello Gilbert]


Gilbert confessed to me once that we can discover and find inspiration in the familiar, simply taking some distance in our perception. Gilbert was a nomad during 30 years and maybe too old for such beverages.

– My wife is like… mix gin, whisky, rum, port and brandy… it tastes very smooth, induces a somehow metaphysical elation and rarely leaves a hangover, she always tastes different. I couldn´t live without her.

Travel and new experiences are basic human desires. During the evolution, the brain was one of the last organs to develop, and it continues to grow to this day. We´re migratory species, even if our migrations are powered by a café and croissant français in the majestic Champs Elysées. Getting away is an essential habit of effective thinking, when we escape the mind is suddenly made aware of all the errant ideas. We start thinking about obscure possibilities (and what if…)

When a nomad finds someone who can´t discover totally, he or she will discover also an anchor nailed down to the land for first time. The nomad will find the desire to settle down, to share a life with a riddle. The same occurs when he finds an activity which can´t fully master, becoming a challenge every day. To love children it´s easy, because they are evolving all the time, and the dynamic can´t be unnoticed.

Open yourself up to the possibility of finding inspiration from the familiar, to see how richer the brown on the leaves has gotten since your departure, the smell of roasted coffee and other trifles. Say thank you once again, receive with gratitude a smile or enjoy watching a bunch of beautiful flowers in a vase (if you haven´t got a vase you can use an old tin of Café du Monde). Don´t be afraid to come back to the simple things.

Art lovers would find awesome to bring a piece of art to home. Imagine an “Art-taking-away”, enjoying One: Number 31,1950 by Jackson Pollock or Guernica by Picasso in your living room. However, it could be that specific moments had been created to be fleeting in our minds and hearts. Certain people too.

Can beauty last forever? – Beauty it’s a raison d`être.

We can reeducate our mind to see somebody as a work of art, the same as our routine. It´s not related with how much beautiful is, it´s about how makes you feel in each different instant.

If you find yourself doing this one unusual act, then Congrats! You may have known your “Expansion” or your “Café du Monde”.

  • And you.. when did you discover something new for last time?
  • Have you ever seen Expansion?

Thanks for reading until the end! 😉


– Excusez-moi Mlle… Mademoiselle! Café?
– Oui!… est Café du Monde?
– Du Monde?
– Qui, Café du Monde!

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4 pensamientos en “Coming Home: Finding Inspiration in the Familiar

  1. Talented! 🙂
    So you´re not a ghost, ain´t u?

  2. Lovely!
    You are amazing writing in spanish, why did you shift to english?

    • Thank you Lucía!
      That´s a good question to do 🙂 Because I love languages, it´s a challenge! What’s considered “good writing” in Spanish is not “good writing” in English and vice versa… so, it´s terrible and challenging at the same time.

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