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Random Photography by a Psychologist: Learning by doing

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Today´s post will be different, more personal. I started to write this blog exactly three years ago, and during this time, my writing has changed, it became more professional, mature, focused and even serious. My life is not serious at all, but my job sometimes it is – rewarding and challenging in equal measure. Today´s post is about the places where I have been working or collaborating during the last years and concrete moments which made a difference. From my point of view, these photos reflect very well the course of my life, it explains why I am writing in English right now, why I have a few magazines about art on my desk, explains the hours I spend writing just for fun or the reason why I have a German dictionary under my cup of tea. These photos explain the passion I feel about psychology and education, how I became committed with children rights, inclusion, and a “lover of diversity” – on the whole meaning. I discovered how to use art performance in communication, how much important are family ties and the trace of culture in our personality.

«The most important, I learnt how to appreciate diversity, and to stop judging and fearing of the unknown»

I hope you enjoy them as I did!

Photo 1-2: «Learning about diversity». Denmark (2013)



Photo 3-4: «Kids are love». Rainbows. Manchester (2012)



Photo 5-6: «We don´t need an office to create». Holland (2014)

Coffee-Shop hostel-copenaghen

Photo 7: «Our School Project». A workplace in the Alps. Switzerland (2015)


Photo 8: «Community Development». Macedonia (2014)


Photo 9 -10: «Why do I love Labs?». (2015)

psychology lab-2maqueta-inst

Photo 11: «There is a lot to love». Hope-Land. (2014)


Photo 12-13: «Education & Romania«. Bucarest. (2014)

Rumania Valley-001

Photo 14: «Training in a castle». Portugal (2015)


People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves.”
Paulo Coelho

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Autor: Lorena Álvarez

Psicóloga, activista, trotamundos y una apasionada por la ciencia y las letras.

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