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A bridge between Poetry and Education

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Learning through poetry… is it possible?

Poetry is not only poetry. Poetry promotes literacy, emotional resilience and builds community. The words we use in poetry can destroy giant walls. It can cross the boundary of our fears, untie knots, find whatever has been lost, even ourselves.

Poetry is rhythm; it is music and sounds like that. A baby maybe can´t understand poetry but be sure they will feel curious about what the sounds mean. They will try to create their own.

We are born with a nature instinct to enjoy and see beauty around. Sometimes we lost through the years this priceless ability. Poetry is also kinesthetic; a place where body and mind meets over and over.

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We can build community through poetry. Build a bridge between two persons, two friends or strangers. We can promote the encounter between two different cultures.

When you have somebody in front, listen what he or she is bringing to you. Metaphors, symbolic language, imagery… sometimes they express pain, joy, fear or simply parts of themselves that they are not ready to share. People find voice through poetry!

Poetry brings also audience, fosters communication. It invites to share ideas, the words act as something stunningly motivating.
It helps to the kids bring new words and use a deeper language (and not just kids).

I never learnt English at school but I found Shakespeare motivating

Poetry fosters social and emotional learning. We can gain insight through a poem. It is pure intellect running cross our mind. It is enriching.

Sometimes we all need to find ways to talk about the difficult and the unexplainable things in life. Why don´t use other models of communication? – Other models of learning.

So, find your poem. I recommend you strongly to find your poem. Let few words to swamp you in a new world. Let the rhythm and sounds throb in your body, your skin. Get goosebumps. Do not be afraid of all these imagine or feelings coming suddenly; It is just a reminder which says we are still alive.

And finally, share your poetry. Teach poetry.


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