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Go where the magic happens

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comfort-zone_51380055e087c34c09dc3c5dPerfectionism is an adiction, it is an insidious thing that destroys our happiness and even kill our productivity. The true sign of a perfectionist is the never ending discontent with ourselves and our work – «It is not perfect. It have to do«

I know what are you thinking right now, «you work hard to achieve the best results you can«. Seems like, somebody has instilled us the work ethics and responsibility (the «must be right now» attitude), maybe our experiences taught us that it is the best way to behave. And It is good, but there is a dark side in perfectionism, when the fear disables us or keep us from getting things done or undertake a new stage in our lives. Sometimes we procrastinate because it is never good enough, because we are scared and worried about mediocrity.

I can say this because I started three books in my life and I have finished one of them because I assumed somehow that will be absolutely imperfect and full of mistakes… and I am still struggling. Believe me.

This is the reason why I created a personal «Fear Free Zone» and I started to be aware about how much affect the perfectionism in my future productivity and even my life and my perception of balance and happiness . And I started to get involved in activities which I couldn’t handle 100%, useful activities that will make me grow as person, pushing me out of my comfort zone. – It is being hard. For sure, but at the same time I am adding much value to my life, I am getting things done. I am now writing in a language different to mine and trying to be more fluent each day – of course it is not perfect and I need to improve but maybe is good enough to express myself in this moment or to be more productive at work. I traveled alone, I designed things, I teached to kids and families, I got involved again at university and research, I write pretty much and I enjoy more . Next week I will travel to Romania and I will be part in a project related with communication. Fear is not place to live.  

The first step in combating perfectionism is to deliberaty be imperfect. Failures teaches humility, relieves the anxiety of perfectionism and the most important «programs the mind to think of alternatives».

Make small mistakes and don´t fix them. Instead, you may just find yourself being imperfectly happy.

Just, Try to Do it!

Go where the magic happens

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